Hotel with industrial flavor

The hotel breathes industrialism, as does its location. The area in which the hotel is located used to belong to an engineering company, which gave the hotel its unique, unconventional design. Elements of the industrial style have been left behind, especially in the staircase and museum areas, where the supporting pillars are the main landmark. Such details give the hotel even more of a touch of this still persistent style, which also makes the hotel rank on the list of places you should definitely visit. The hotel is located just a 5-minute drive from the centre of Brezno. In addition, you have a number of tourist or leisure attractions at your fingertips.

Our tips for your experiences around the hotel

● Hiking in the Low Tatras (Ďumbier via General Milan Rastislav Štefánik's Cottage or Chopok)

● Horné Lazy lookout tower

● Dedeček's Cottage   

● Vydrovo Forestry Open-air Museum & Čiernohronská railway

● Ski resorts: Tále, Mýto pod Ďumbierom, Chopok, Čierny Balog, Hronec

● Caves: Bystrinska jaskyňa, Jaskyňa mŕtvych netopierov


Double bed
  Sofa bed
Storage space
Satellite TV
Bathroom with toilet


Double rooms

Without extra bed
Double bed
Storage space
Satellite TV
Bathroom with toilet

Spyker Room

Ferrari Room

Porsche Room

Pagani Room

McLaren Room

rolls royce Room

Lamborghini Room


Double Bed Room
49 € per night / 2 persons
150 € per night / 2 persons
Mostárenská 9,
Brezno 977 01
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